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Mortal Half- A High-fantasy Webcomic!

Set on the mythical world of Tienne Earth, Mortal Half is a high-fantasy webcomic that follows the trials and tribulations of a mysterious young woman named Mirra, the bearer of a cursed blade, and the unique individuals she meets throughout the course of her adventures. The first 185+ pages of the story were uploaded during the site's first week of launch.

As is tradition with manga-style webcomics, most of the comic is black and white, with some coloured pages at the start of each chapter.


Update Schedule Tuesdays, Fridays

Launch Date October 31, 2011

Genre Fantasy, Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy 

Rating(s) NC-17 for some adult content

Mortal Half is written/illustrated by J.H Harrington, a Singaporean artist presently living in New York. Her past works include the now-defunct webcomic The Adventures Of Pudding.

[ 4754 page views | Edit this page | History ]