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Mr Kiasu
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Mr Kiasu

Mr Kiasu is an iconic series of comic books published in the 1990s, satirizing the common Singaporean trait of 'kiasu-ism', or the fear of losing out. The term "kiasu" is a Hokkien dialect term literally meaning "afraid of losing".

The first Mr Kiasu book, "Everything Also I Want", was self-published in 1990 by Johnny Lau. This was followed by a series of other Mr Kiasu books published over the next 10 years. He also appeared in The Kiasu Magazine (later known as Kiasu MAX), K.S.X Kiasu the Xtraman, and Kiasu Krossover. There was also a play and a television series featuring him.

Mr Kiasu was also heavily merchandised and its creators eventually formed The Kiasu Company to take care of this side of the business, while continuing to publish comics under Comix Factory.

List of Mr Kiasu Comics

  1. Everything Also I Want (1990)
  2. Everything Also Must Grab (1991)
  3. Everything Also Number One (1992)
  4. Everything Also Want Extra (1993)
  5. Everything Also Scared Lose (1994)
  6. Everything Also Sure Win (1996)
  7. Everything Also Talk Money (1997)
  8. Everything Also Act Blur (1999)


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