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Singapore Comics Wiki
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Singapore Comics Wiki
The Wikipedia of Singapore Comics


Interview with James Leong and Dorothy Ding, creators of Perfect World Saga comics
11 November 2015

Interview with Derek Chua, creator of Roleplayers comics series
20 August 2015

Interview with Kenfoo on his new graphic novel, Freedom Love Forever
2 March 2010

Welcome! We are a community aiming to document everything we know about the artists, writers, history and happenings in the Singapore comics scene. Please join us and contribute by signing up for a free user account.

List of wiki topics

ACAS -- Association of Comic Artists (Singapore)
Asiapac Books

Drawer Of Stuff
Dream Walker (2009)

Eric Khoo

Fanboys!!: Beyond Geekdom!!! (2002-2005)
FSc (Foo Swee Chin)

Gone Case Books 1 and 2 (2010 and 2011)
Gwee Li Sui

Ian Glover The Uprising Chapter 1 (2012)

Jack Doe: Anonymous
JC Wong 王敬誠
Johnny Lau

Koh Hong Teng

Liquid City

Malinky Robot (2011)
Monsters Everywhere!
Morgan Chua
Mortal Half- A High-fantasy Webcomic!
Mr Kiasu
Mugen (2007)
Mystery Investigators V
Myth of the Stone (1993)

Otto Fong

Rhaimie Wahap and Rizal Wahap

Sean Lam (林宝华)
Seraphina Lum
Shawn Yap
Singapore 24 Hour Comics Day
Sonny Liew

Tan Huay Peng (1923-1990)
The Bicycle
The Resident Tourist (2008-)
Troy Chin

Unfortunate Lives (1989)

Wee Tian Beng (黄展鸣)

Ye Zhen

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Call for contributors

This is an open call for anyone interested in Singapore comics to contribute to our collective knowledge on this wiki. All are welcome! (Except spammers.) Let the world know about comics in Singapore! All you need is to set up a user account.

If you're a creator, please don't be shy about starting a topic on yourself and your publications. No one knows you or your works better than you. If you're really too shy or modest, email me your text and I'll post it up.

If you're a reader and know about a comic artist or writer or Singapore comic book that should be documented, please log in and create that topic.

JF Koh, administrator

Mailing list

Please join our discussion mailing list on Google Groups: Comics Community Singapore, where we post comics-related news and events, and discuss important issues.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website which allows anyone to edit its pages. The most famous example is Wikipedia. In case any page gets vandalized or spammed, usually someone will be able to restore a page to a previous clean version. On Singapore Comics Wiki, anyone can edit as long as you are logged in using your user account. You can sign up for a free account here.

To do

This site is a work-in-progress. Here is a list of features which will be added in time to come:


This website was launched on 19 Oct 2009.